1. Lamb of God

From the recording TAKE MY HEART (Digital Album)

Words & music by Marcha William
Inspiration: The Bible, Luke 23 & 24; 'Desire of Ages' by Ellen G. White, pp. 741-757
Main Vocals: Marcha William
Piano & Keyboards: Gerry Peters
Harmonies: Ray Barnette & Juli Maners
Strings & Orchestral Arrangement: Gerry Peters
Acoustic Guitar: Dale Willis
Bass Guitar: Ernst William
Flute: Jim Hoke
Violin & Cello: Tim Lorsch

Executive Producer: Marcha William
Produced by Gerry Peters
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Gerry Peters at Midi Magic Studios

© 2014 Marcha William
All rights reserved. Any unauthorised duplication, reproduction, hiring, lending, transmitting, public performance and/or broadcasting is prohibited and a violation of applicable laws. Made in Nashville, TN & Australia.


Jesus, gentle Lamb of God
Your healing hand
Touched the blind and made them see
Your feet walked the earth so tirelessly
So you could bless all within your reach
Yet those hands, those feet
They were nailed to the cross
Blood shed so painfully
Blood shed to set us free
From death to life eternally.

Jesus, precious Lamb of God
Every word that You spoke
Brought light and life to all who would hear
Your heart so full of love
Gave so endlessly
And though they yelled, "Crucify!"
You spoke these words,
"Father forgive them,
They know not what they do"
Then Your loving heart broke in two.

Jesus, when I realise Your sacrifice
That You made for me
Jesus, I can't help but want
To know You more
I want to love You
Walk with You my Lord
I want to worship You my Saviour.

Jesus, holy Lamb of God
The earth moved in sorrow
When You breathed Your last
Though sorrow comes by night
Morning brings joy to life
And on the third day the earth moved
With heavenly joy
To welcome the risen Lamb
Who conquered death and the grave
Through Jesus Christ we are saved!

I want to follow the Lamb of God
Who carried the cross
That was mean't for me
Who loved me enough to die in my place
Sweet Lord! Lord there is none like You
None with a love so pure
Your the Saviour of my soul

Lord there is none like You
None with a love so pure
Your the Saviour of my soul.