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  1. Abraham

From the recording TAKE MY HEART (Digital Album)

Words and Music by Marcha William
Inspiration from the Bible: Genesis 22:1-14
Main Vocals and Piano: Marcha William
Harmonies: Ray Barnette & Juli Maners
Strings: Gerry Peters
Orchestral Arrangement: Marcha William
Acoustic Guitar: Dale Willis
Electric Guitar: Gerry Peters
Bass Guitar: Ernst William
Flute: Jim Hoke
Violin & Cello: Tim Lorsch
Oboe: Robbie Shankle

Executive Producer: Marcha William
Produced by Gerry Peters
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Gerry Peters at Midi Magic Studios

© 2014 Marcha William
All rights reserved. Any unauthorised duplication, reproduction, hiring, lending, transmitting, public performance and/or broadcasting is prohibited and a violation of applicable laws. Made in Nashville, TN & Australia.


Abraham, Abraham,
I know I asked you to take your son
To the land of Mariah
And offer him there as a sacrifice to me
Abraham, Abraham,
I know that he is your only son
But I wanted you to know
To know my pain in the offering of my own Son.

He is the Lamb that was slain
From the foundation of the world
And He will live with men
To show them how I love them
To save the souls of all men
He will bear all their sin
And be crucified by the hands of those He loved
Abraham, I know Your pain.

Abraham, Abraham,
I know you suffered to hear your son
Asking, "Father where's the lamb?"
As he bore the wood up the hill where he would be slain
Abraham, Abraham,
I know the pain of seeing your son
Bound as an offering for sin
With the will to die by the hand of his own father.

By your faith, your son's alive
For my grace has supplied
A perfect sacrifice in the life of my own Son
And though my heart will break in two
To hear my Son crying through the darkness,
"Father, why have you forsaken me?"
Abraham, I know your pain.

Abraham! Abraham!
My Son will be your sacrifice
And I want you to know
That I would rather this
Than to live without you.