"TAKE MY HEART" (Physical Album)
  • "TAKE MY HEART" (Physical Album)


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"Take my Heart" is Marcha's first album, recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. It consists of twelve Christian reflective scripture & prayer songs, written by Marcha, to bring rest to the soul and inspire deeper communion with God through His word. It has been described as music overflowing with rich, fluid orchestrations and quiet intimacy that carries the pure, angelic tones of a soloist intent on bringing calmness and peace to the suffering heart.

Executive Producer: Marcha William Produced by Gerry Peters. Recorded, mixed & mastered by Gerry Peters at Midi Magic Studios.

© 2014 Marcha William.
All rights reserved. Any unauthorised duplication, reproduction, hiring, lending, transmitting, public performance and/or broadcasting is prohibited and a violation of applicable laws. Made in Nashville, TN & Australia.

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