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I finally finished the last stage of my horse portrait – the ears are done – lol! This artwork is my first serious piece in over 25 years. It is also the first time I’ve ever used coloured pencils to draw. I used to sketch with graphite pencils as you can see by the picture of the eagle I drew on the ceiling of a friend’s room many years ago!! 

Somewhere along the way, I lost sight of my visual arts side but I am so glad to have re-discovered the joy of drawing again. It is SO therapeutic!! This art work is going to be a part of a collection of pieces that will be created to complement key messages and Bible verses in my presentations and concerts. 

I love that God can speak to us through His furry or feathery creatures, and other marvellous works of His creation. There are so many lessons that can be drawn from His book of nature. I hope to share with you some stories on my FB page from time to time; stories that highlight some important spiritual lessons I learned while connecting with animals – especially birds for some reason! Lol 

For now, I just want to share that am so happy to have ‘finally’ finished my horse portrait – yay!! Now I will be starting a new drawing of a tiger as shown by the preliminary sketch. Pray for me – he has lots of detail – yes, lots of fur! Blessings, M:)