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Lord, I had been walking in circles in the valley of Achor for some time, with trouble on every side.  Terrible disappointment had led to poor decisions, made to stem the tide of discouragement that followed.  Only You know the depths of despair that had well-nigh crushed my spirit and yet it was in this dwelling place that my heart recognized its greatest need – the presence of Your love.   

As the longing for Your embrace surged through my entire being, so too did the voice of the enemy strive more intently to convince me that You were no longer reachable. Yet Your Word broke through the lies and reminded me that You were calling out to me desperately each day to hold Your hand and let You guide me through the open door of hope You had placed before me.  

Thank you for strengthening me to stand up and step through this open door with You, into newness of life and the warmth of Your embrace.  This experience has put a new song in my heart and I sing it now with youthful joy and love for You as fresh as the first day I met You.  Forever yours, Amen!



Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for Jesus, our Great Physician, who tenderly cares for us and understands our deepest struggles, such as the many times we succumb to temptations, leading to debilitating spiritual sickness and lethargy.  He knows that our lethargy stems from severe symptoms of low ‘iron will power’ to do what’s right.  He knows the underlying cause too – the relentless impulsive desire to engage in self-destructive methods as a means of cushioning the fall out of our insatiable thirst for sin.    

Please break this cycle Lord!  Please give us the only remedy possible – a blood transfusion from Christ’s own veins – His life in us!  We are holding out our arms to You in desperate need of Christ’s spiritual IV fluid – His infusion of life giving power to live in His righteousness today!  Bless us with His abundant life we pray! In Jesus precious name, Amen


One of my most favourite prayers include one written by prolific and inspired author, Ellen G. White in her book, Christ's Object Lessons, p. 159. It is a prayer of deep heart surrender to God.  It's a prayer of honesty and humility.  It's a prayer that touched my soul so deeply that I had to write music to it so I could keep it's language of confession and repentance always imprinted in my heart and mind.  The lyrics are as follows:

"Lord take my heart; for I cannot give it.  It is Your property.  

Keep it pure for I cannot keep it for You.  

Save me in spite of myself, my weak, un-Christlike self.  

Mould me, fashion me, raise me into a pure and holy atmosphere, 

Where the rich current of Your love can flow through my soul."

Here is the music video of this song for you to listen to.  For a FREE copy of the audio track, feel free to join my mailing list and I will send this to your email.  Blessings!


Heavenly Father,

Help me remember that Your anointed plans for my life are not defined or dependent upon the approval of others and that the blessings that follow will continue to overflow by Your mighty hand despite attempts to hinder the accomplishment of Your good pleasure. Thank you Lord that I need not be anxious about disapproving onlookers along the way because the assurance of Your presence and Your delight in me all I need and is all that really matters. Thank you for the promise of Psalm 23:5.

In Jesus precious name, Amen


Heavenly Father,

I am struggling with fears that only You know the depths of and reasons for. I pray that the light of Your Word dispel the darkness clouding my mind, revealing and challenging the lies from which my fears originate.

Let my heart comprehend Your thoughts toward me so that my faith is strengthened to rise and take hold of the assurance of Your protective care above all things. May all fearful thoughts therefore be cast out of my life and replaced with the presence of Your warm embrace. May I no longer be tormented by fear but settled in the peaceful safety of Your perfect love.

In Jesus precious name, Amen