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One evening I was praying on the dimly lit rooftop of a university building. I was in deep conversation with the Lord, wrestling with a difficult situation while pacing frantically back and forth on the cemented pavement between well-worn benches and low lying shrubs. I had so many thoughts racing through my mind; so many questions needing answers. 

Feeling terribly frustrated, I looked up at the sky and cried out to the Lord for an answer; for a sign; for His voice – for something! Suddenly a gentle calmness fell over me and in that moment I noticed a beam of moonlight shining directly onto a small spider, spinning its web on a low lying shrub next to me. 

This little silvery creature was busily casting several spokes on neighbouring bushes. Soon enough, he began moving from spoke to spoke, shooting thin glistening lines of web in the air with great precision; connecting each spoke one thread at a time. 

It was then that a gentle but firm thought penetrated my mind saying, ‘Marcha, do not be anxious. Just trust me to your look after your future. Like the patient weaving of the spider’s thread from one spoke to another, I want you to just take the time to breathe and walk with me through your situation one day at a time’. One day at a time was what I needed to relieve my anxious mind. One day at a time is all we can really handle – the future is His to hold. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious, struggling with a problem that seems impossible to solve, trust Him who holds all your tomorrows in the palm of His hands (Jeremiah 29:11). Take a deep breath - and present your situation prayerfully before a Heavenly Father that cares deeply about your struggle (1Peter 5:7). Then let Him walk through this matter with you at a pace that you can handle - one day at a time.

The LORD will Fight for You 

Moses really understood from first-hand experience what it took to follow the command in Exodus 14:14. The Lord had called him to lead Israel out of Egypt but he sought to fight this battle alone, using his own position and methods of power and force to bring deliverance to God’s people. 

The result was a dangerous flight out of Egypt into the harsh wilderness to save his own life, where he lived another forty years as a humble shepherd so he could learn how to depend upon God for all life’s situations.  Only then was he ready to live out his calling in the battle to deliver Israel from its Egyptian oppressor.  

So many times we look back with regret over having lost friendships, family connections, position and personal integrity because of our impatience to jump ahead of God's battle plans.  It's so much better to let go and let God be your Champion. His timing is always perfect, His method is always better, His wisdom always greater and His power undefeatable.  Let Him fight for you and hold your peace!  

Blessings, Marcha



Ever felt frustrated as a child because you were too short to see above the crowd? Then dad would come to the rescue and lift you up on his shoulders to give you a much better view. In difficult times, it can be hard to see the right view on things because our minds are so clouded with painful emotions and flooded with often speculative words from well-meaning friends. The result is a crowd of confusion that you just can’t get your head above to see what clearly lies ahead. 

At these times it's really important that we pray specifically for Jesus to give us His perspective. Then as we study His word and listen for His leading, His first response will be to lift us onto His shoulders so we can see the situation above the crowd. This may be a slow process accompanied by apparent silence. Be patient! He’s got a hold of you. Don’t struggle! Let Him lift to you up with His strong arms of love. 

From this view, we will see the bigger picture and hear His clear voice sharing in wisdom and love. Soon enough, speculation will fade, confusion will disappear and painful emotions will give way to peace, clarity and understanding. Let Him lift you up above the crowd. As you rest upon His shoulders you will see His plan for you and then be confident to step safely upon the solid rock of His path to freedom and joy.


One day while walking along the Ross River in Townsville, I passed two geese drinking water from a small puddle on the cement path beside the river. The water was drying up in the summer heat and they were competing to drink every last drop remaining. I wondered at the scene before me. ‘Silly geese!’ I thought, ‘here they are fighting over this scanty bit of water when there is an abundant supply available to them from the river.’ It was then the Lord reminded me, ‘Marcha – you are like these silly geese. Always doubting my love for you and thinking you only deserve to drink the smallest portion of spiritual blessing when I wish to satisfy you with an abundance of blessing from the Water of Life.’ I realised the invitation to drink was always available to me when I felt dried up spiritually. While in this state, it was easy to believe that I was too far gone to deserve even the smallest drop of water offered by Him – but God’s grace is bigger than that! His intention is not only to quench our thirst but also to bless us with His abundant life. So much so, that the overflowing love we receive from Him can then be poured out through compassion and selfless service to quench the spiritual thirst of others. Jesus says, ‘He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water’ (John 7:38). Do you believe He is capable of doing this in your life?