The LORD will Fight for You

Moses really understood from first-hand experience what it took to follow the command in Exodus 14:14. The Lord had called him to lead Israel out of Egypt but he sought to fight this battle alone, using his own position and methods of power and force to bring deliverance to God’s people. 

The result was a dangerous flight out of Egypt into the harsh wilderness to save his own life, where he lived another forty years as a humble shepherd so he could learn how to depend upon God for all life’s situations.  Only then was he ready to live out his calling in the battle to deliver Israel from its Egyptian oppressor.  

So many times we look back with regret over having lost friendships, family connections, position and personal integrity because of our impatience to jump ahead of God's battle plans.  It's so much better to let go and let God be your Champion. His timing is always perfect, His method is always better, His wisdom always greater and His power undefeatable.  Let Him fight for you and hold your peace!  

Blessings, Marcha



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