Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for Jesus, our Great Physician, who tenderly cares for us and understands our deepest struggles, such as the many times we succumb to temptations, leading to debilitating spiritual sickness and lethargy.  He knows that our lethargy stems from severe symptoms of low ‘iron will power’ to do what’s right.  He knows the underlying cause too – the relentless impulsive desire to engage in self-destructive methods as a means of cushioning the fall out of our insatiable thirst for sin.    

Please break this cycle Lord!  Please give us the only remedy possible – a blood transfusion from Christ’s own veins – His life in us!  We are holding out our arms to You in desperate need of Christ’s spiritual IV fluid – His infusion of life giving power to live in His righteousness today!  Bless us with His abundant life we pray! In Jesus precious name, Amen

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