One of my most favourite prayers include one written by prolific and inspired author, Ellen G. White in her book, Christ's Object Lessons, p. 159. It is a prayer of deep heart surrender to God.  It's a prayer of honesty and humility.  It's a prayer that touched my soul so deeply that I had to write music to it so I could keep it's language of confession and repentance always imprinted in my heart and mind.  The lyrics are as follows:

"Lord take my heart; for I cannot give it.  It is Your property.  

Keep it pure for I cannot keep it for You.  

Save me in spite of myself, my weak, un-Christlike self.  

Mould me, fashion me, raise me into a pure and holy atmosphere, 

Where the rich current of Your love can flow through my soul."

Here is the music video of this song for you to listen to.  For a FREE copy of the audio track, feel free to join my mailing list and I will send this to your email.  Blessings!

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