Lord, I had been walking in circles in the valley of Achor for some time, with trouble on every side.  Terrible disappointment had led to poor decisions, made to stem the tide of discouragement that followed.  Only You know the depths of despair that had well-nigh crushed my spirit and yet it was in this dwelling place that my heart recognized its greatest need – the presence of Your love.   

As the longing for Your embrace surged through my entire being, so too did the voice of the enemy strive more intently to convince me that You were no longer reachable. Yet Your Word broke through the lies and reminded me that You were calling out to me desperately each day to hold Your hand and let You guide me through the open door of hope You had placed before me.  

Thank you for strengthening me to stand up and step through this open door with You, into newness of life and the warmth of Your embrace.  This experience has put a new song in my heart and I sing it now with youthful joy and love for You as fresh as the first day I met You.  Forever yours, Amen!

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    Henry Denevr
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    The team is collaborative, creative, and fun to work with. UI/UX design company

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