Ever felt frustrated as a child because you were too short to see above the crowd? Then dad would come to the rescue and lift you up on his shoulders to give you a much better view. In difficult times, it can be hard to see the right view on things because our minds are so clouded with painful emotions and flooded with often speculative words from well-meaning friends. The result is a crowd of confusion that you just can’t get your head above to see what clearly lies ahead. 

At these times it's really important that we pray specifically for Jesus to give us His perspective. Then as we study His word and listen for His leading, His first response will be to lift us onto His shoulders so we can see the situation above the crowd. This may be a slow process accompanied by apparent silence. Be patient! He’s got a hold of you. Don’t struggle! Let Him lift to you up with His strong arms of love. 

From this view, we will see the bigger picture and hear His clear voice sharing in wisdom and love. Soon enough, speculation will fade, confusion will disappear and painful emotions will give way to peace, clarity and understanding. Let Him lift you up above the crowd. As you rest upon His shoulders you will see His plan for you and then be confident to step safely upon the solid rock of His path to freedom and joy.

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