Welcome to Marcha William's website!  Marcha is an international speaker, singer, composer, artist and doctor, who is passionate about sharing how incredibly loved and valued we are to God.  She enjoys composing and singing Christian devotional music to help listeners experience deeper communion with God.  She also enjoys delving deeply into the Word of God to help challenge the lies that wound and imprison our hearts, so that we can find healing, freedom, identity and higher purpose through the lover of our souls, Jesus Christ.  Her message and music is powerfully expressed through her own personal journey from brokenness to restoration, and her desire is to help others find the same healing and freedom through Christ. 

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DECEMBER 04, 2021

Marcha will be sharing in concert at the College Park SDA church, South Australia. If you are in the area, feel free to come along.  For more information about this event, please click on the link below:

College Park, SA